I have always been extremely inquisitive. I love learning and soaking up as much knowledge as possible about anything I am interetsed in.

From a young age, I understood that asking questions will lead me to the answers I seek. As a result, I continue to learn and explore both in my professional and personal life.

As a child, I attended a French school, my mom, who only spoke English could not participate on our PTA committee (although she was very involved in my education) which dissapointed me. As a result, I made a promise that given the opportunity, I would participate in my son's school life. This job affords me the time to be Vice President at Carrefour des Jeunes in Brampton.

Through this great committe, I have also learned of a number of fantastic communitty groups that I am now actively involved in. I have met smart, enthusiastic men and women committed to our community. I may not be in a physical classroom but the Energy, charisma, entrepreneurialship, drive, vision that I have encountered empowers me to be a better mom,  friend, daughter and agent!!!


Associations Include:

Conseil d'école Carrefour des Jeunes

AFAF Association des Femmes d'Affaires Francophone

AFRY Association des Femme Francophone de York

Sponsor at the Centre Francophone

Sponsor at Le Centre Oasis de la Femme

Million Dollar Smiles

5 à 7 Les résautables francophones de Brampton

Member of French Meetup York

Member of French Meetup Mississauga

Membre of Brampton Mompreneurs