Why hire a professional real estate agent?


Let’s Talk Safety and Insurance

Being new to this industry I often get asked why I chose a career with approximately 30,000 agent competitors. My answer comes out spontaneously enough…“Because I’m going to be great at it.”  I can work as hard as I want, embrace my type A personality and use my talents to make my life and my family’s better. I can sneak an hour or two pop into Dylan’s school and lend a hand or attend a school concert or field trip without explaining to a boss why I need time off after having put in an 80 hour week.


But the question that friends and acquaintances are really asking is “why did you choose an industry where service fees are continuously being undercut by FSBO and discount brokerages?” While it’s true that the internet makes it easier and do-it-yourself brokerages make independent home selling more accessible, it’s not a turn key solution. Frankly, even if it was, and it could provide the insurance policy a real estate agent provides, it’s not the solution for everyone.


Sewing machines have been around for decades and although it might be less expensive to sew our own clothes, most of us don’t. We can learn to rotate our tires, change our oil or replace brake pads but again a good majority of us rely on the expertise of a mechanic!  We hire electricians, carpenters and plumbers before undertaking major repairs or renovations on our homes because our expertise most likely does not rest in these trades. The point is, although we are educated, intelligent, capable human beings, it is our education and intelligence which tell us to use experts when such a service is warranted and available.


We ask for warranty and insurance when we purchase services and goods; from tradesmen, to appliances and electronics, heck, we even insure our jewellery. So why wouldn’t we insure the single largest purchase most of us make in our life? Why wouldn’t we insure our real estate transactions?


Everyone has access to the Internet and to listings sites. Everyone can put a for sale sign on their lawn, anyone can walk a prospective buyer through their home. But a real estate agent makes sure their clients are protected throughout the transaction. Should a single woman selling her home open the door to a man driving by who may be interested? Would that be safe? No reference, no credit check, no record of the visitor?  Obviously this is a tricky situation, but the bigger question is: who she should open the door for? Who opens the door when she’s at work, or out with friends or at activities with the kids? NO ONE DOES! So when is the house actually on the market? When’s it being shown?


A real estate agent takes the onus off the seller. The agent takes responsibility for showing the house to the strange guy who’s interested. She pre-screens potential buyers, she is responsible for obtaining his name, his contact info and for having him pre approved from a financial standpoint, she is responsible for showing him the house even when you can’t (with your consent of course.)


When I sell your home, you have MLS exposure and exposure on over 20 other sites. You have a “text me” rider on your sign with a QR code for info 24hrs a day. If a potential buyer texts for information I immediately am notified and will respond day or night! Your house is therefore always on the market.


Your Real Estate Agent assumes all the risk associated with this binding legal transaction and the potential for litigation. Currently, approximately 82% of all real estate law suits are from private sales.  Real Estate Agents carry an insurance policy protecting you against Errors and Omissions for this very reason. WE ARE YOUR WALKING TALKING INSURANCE POLICY against an unwanted legal action.


On a last note, if a bonded, insured specialist who takes all the risk away from you and your family is not reason enough to ask “Howe” to sell your home; consider that when you hire me, all marketing expenses are mine with no guarantee of being reimbursed should your property not sell, all my time and energy is invested up front. You, as a seller, have no financial outlay unless you accept an offer on your property.

I’m applying to be your Realtor, to sell your home for the highest price with the least disruption. Selling is never fun but it doesn’t have to be tough either!